Resources for Customers of The RIGHT Vacation Rental
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General Resources
Auto Europe Car Rental
The RIGHT Vacation Rental recommends Auto Europe for your car rental needs.
Hotels/Cell Phones/Air
Auto Europe offers great prices on a variety of services you may need for your trip.
The Eurozine!
Register to receive our free email magazine, dedicated to telling you all about our favorite European destinations. You'll get travel tips, insights into places both on- and off-the-beaten-track, plus travel tips from our expert staff! Get the most out of your next trip, start preparing now with the Eurozine!
Universal Currency Converter
Check sums of money in foreign currencies; get exchange rates.
Currency Converter
Print maps for most locations in the world.
Visa Web site
Check list of European ATM's where Visa is accepted.
Mastercard Web Site
Contains list of all European ATM's where Mastercard is accepted.
Source for International Driver's Permit
International Driver's Permit
European Railpasses
Follow this link to the Rail Europe website, and learn more about your rail options.
Travel Europe the Way Europeans Do
European Train Schedules
Research train schedule information for your Untour
European Train Schedules
Language tapes and guide books.
US Customs Website
Have questions about what kind of souvenirs you can import after your vacation?
US Customs
Genealogical Research
Many Untourists use their European travel as an opportunity to search for family roots. This website can help get you started on that search.
Genealogical Research
Tax Free Shopping
Have questions about tax free shopping? Global Refund has outlets in 35 countries!
Global Refund
France Resources
French Government Tourist Office in the U.S.
Greece Resources
Greek National Tourism Organization
Greek Tourism
Greek Ferries
Ferries in Greece
Greece News Summary
New York Times - Greece
Italian Resources
Italian Train Schedules
Italian Train Schedules
Italy News Summary
New York Times - Italy
Spanish Resources