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Alghero Porto
Per week, as low as: $1,258
Grandeur and fabulous views are just two of the luxuries that welcome guests during their stay in this vacation rental. This spacious and handsome apartment with its central location and comfortable layout is one of our prized vacation rentals in Alghero.

Courtyard View Apartment
Per week, as low as: $988
Set in a typical square in the old town of Alghero, there is no better place to capture the spirit and rhythm of the vibrant city. Newly renovated, this two bedroom vacation rental allows guests to really experience the essence of the town while providing a comfortable home base.

Theatre Square Apartment
Per week, as low as: $1,043
Soak up the beat of Algherian life from the lovely vacation rental ideally located in the historic Piazza Del Teatro. A well-spaced one bedroom apartment awaits your stay on the exquisite island of Sardinia.

Alghero is situated on the shores of a bay on the northwest coast of Sardinia where street signs are written in both Italian and Catalan and most of the older generation still speak an Algherian dialect of Catalan. On an island that sometimes seems divided between overdeveloped tourist traps and forbidding wilderness, Alghero offers a wonderful oasis.

A large colorful harbor is filled with fishing sailboats and the city is well preserved behind a sturdy ancient wall marked with numerous towers. The old town is filled with animated piazzas and the old streets are filled with a fresh vibrancy. A lively market fills a parking area right outside of the city walls on a weekly basis. Fresh produce, pungently delicious cheese, cured meats, clothing of all sorts and knock-offs can all be purchased from the bustling stalls.

The architecture and monuments of the old town seem to exude their Catalan origins. Examples include: the two bell towers, the architecture of the cathedral and the church of San Francesco and the Gothic Catalan style of many buildings. The old town is a fantastic display of architecture and a spiderweb of streets displaying craft shop window displays and modern clothing stores. Superb restaurants can be found around every corner. The traditional meeting places, Piazza Civica, Porta Terra and Piazza Sulis, are located in the town’s Gothic Quarter. Many of the buildings have been recently, or are in the process of being, restored.

The town itself can be "done" in a day or two. There is a little train that leaves from the port. The cathedral in Piassa Duomo is worth seeing, as are the other churches. The Palazzo d’Albis is a worthwhile historical site within a city walls crowded with architectural and historical significance.

Dominating Alghero is Capo Caccia, a huge headland across the bay. Here you will find Neptune's Grotto, a stunning series of caves. The easiest way to get there is by the boats that leave frequently from the port during the warmer seasons and sea permitting. If you have a car, you can drive there, although doing that involves going down (and of course UP) what is charmingly known as the "Goat's Staircase" - 654 steps!

One aspect of Alghero that we would particularly draw your attention to is Pintadera, the language school run by one of our most friendly and helpful owners. Located in a quiet and picturesque alley of the Old Town of Alghero on the 'Coral Coast' of the Italian island of Sardinia, the school offers a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for learning the Italian language and gaining a unique insight into Sardinian culture.

Outside of the old town, extending on either side of the harbor stretches a magnificent 75 km of coastline. The area boasts unspoiled landscape, silver beaches, breathtaking cliffs, indented rocky coastline and superb marine coves. The surrounding area is one of great archaeological and natural interest. The Grottoes of Neptune, with their impressive caverns of stalactites and stalagmites, dripping vaults and saline waters, create an unreal world in the islands’ most beautiful and famous caves.

The town is more than its gorgeous beaches (although there are plenty of them!). History, culture and music echo through the streets of this charming town. The people are friendly, stylish, proud and eager to share their beautiful town and its surroundings.

  • "Its coastline is probably Europe's most spectacular. Its waters teem with fish and shellfish. Its broad valleys turn into golden oceans of wheat in summer...large flocks of sheep that feed on pungent wild herbs and produce a cheese your palate will never forget."
  • "On Italy's Sardinia, the stunning Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena Islands provide contrasting images: jet-set stylish versus laid-back village life." John Borthwick, Sydney Morning Herald
  • "Alghero is refreshingly uncontrived...its old centre has the feel of an ancient Italian town." Lisa Hillier,
  • "Within the walls, narrow paved and cobbled streets lead beneath washing and shuttered windows to attractive little squares that are filled with life in the mornings and early evenings."
  • "Our vacationer's special was so enjoyable and filled with passion that we didn't want it to end. We spent 5 days packed with so much culture, fun, friendship and warmth. What more could we discover: architecture, folklore, jazz, fashion, exhibitions, art and artisans! Alghero has so much to offer and we will recommend Pintadera to many friends." Francesca Cantien, London, England,July 2004, AllegraMente